Your BogaGrip requires little maintenance other than to keep it clean. Simply rinse it off with tap water when it has been exposed to muddy water or saltwater because they will leave a gritty residue if left to dry. This makes the BogaGrip’s action less smooth. The BogaGrip will work fine without any lubrication, however it is advisable to put a drop or two of light machine oil on the  trigger pin, jaw pin, and connecting rivets.

NOTE: Use Silicone if fishing in sub-freezing weather. 

Sand means certain death to anything with moving parts. If you should drop the BogaGrip on the beach and get sand in it, washing it out in the water will restore it to working order. You may, when you get home, need to take it apart and do a thorough cleaning to get out all the grit and restore its smooth action.

BogaGrip Model 315 BogaGrip Model 130 BogaGrip Model 260


Make an overhand knot and leave it open using end A of cord. Pass end B through knot and make an overhand knot around end A of cord pull knots tight.